A competent family attorney will make sure your interests are protected under the divorce law and you'll have a clear and effective presentation of your divorce case.

It is important that your divorce lawyer be familiar with all the requirements and rules about family law of your local jurisdiction such as: Mandatory mediation, obligatory counseling for parents, appointed magistrates, and more.

It’s easy to become distressed by your separation from your spouse. In that case, you should also seek the help of a professional counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist for emotional support.

Questions to ask your Divorce Lawyer:

Does your divorce lawyer primary handles Family Law cases?
Ask what is the percentage of divorce cases constitutes his or her practice. If the figure is low, you are better off seeking another divorce lawyer.

Does your divorce lawyer charge hourly or fixed fees?
Before the case begins, you should reach a clear and understanding fee agreement. If you are absolutely certain that your divorce will be uncontested you may choose a fixed fee divorce lawyer. Beware that if any contested issue appears during the case, the fee will probably turn to hourly.

Hourly fee attorneys require a Retainer, also known as “special retainer” or “general retainer,” which is the money deposited into the lawyer’s thrust account to start the case. The lawyer will bill against it for the hours he or she worked and bill the client monthly after that, or ask for an additional retainer after the first one has been used.

Don’t hesitate to ask your divorce lawyer to fill a restraining order or an injunction in case your estranged spouse is threatening you, physically abusing you, making annoying phone calls or any other actions you find intrusive.

Filing for Divorce

If you suspect that your spouse is preparing to file for a divorce, you should consider filing it first. Many communities have only one though divorce lawyer with good reputation. Being the first to retain that lawyer will establish attorney-client relationship and your spouse would have to hire someone else. Also, by being the initiating party you may strengthen your bargaining position and your case will gain some important legal and psychological advantages.

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