Bankruptcy is about a FRESH START. Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you start over and get back in control of your financial future.

bankruptcy lawyers

Currently, Americans are a staggering $11 Trillion in debt.

The number of consumers who are unable to pay off their debts, especially Credit Card Debt, now amounts to 850 billion and keeps growing every year.

Medical debts are currently the number one cause of bankruptcy filings in the U.S., followed by credit card bills and unpaid mortgages.

If you find yourself struggling with medical bills that you are unable to pay, a bankruptcy lawyer can help. Most medical debts get discharged when filing for bankruptcy court protection because medical bills are non-priority, unsecured types of debt.

BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY Find-legal-services Over the last decade, americans and people from many other countries have felt the weight of the global financial crisis.

If you are one of those people who needs to get your finances back in order and is debating wheather you should file for bankruptcy, make an arrangement to meet with a lawyer to discuss all your options and determine the best debt strategy for you before filling. Also the initial meeting can get you to agree on all fees before and after filling.

Many attorneys will let you pay most of the fees after you file your case.

Also, a good attorney can:

  • File in a way that allows you the maximum time to pay all the mandatory bills.
  • Customize your filing to get the best result possible
  • Stop all the harassing phone calls from debt collectors
  • Prevent the foreclosure of your property
  • Help retain your vehicles
  • File petition for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Stop wage garnishment, stop lawsuits and unfreeze bank accounts

Bankruptcy is about a FRESH START. A Bankruptcy Attorney can help you start over and get back in control of your financial future.

Reasons a company or individual may file for bankruptcy court protection:

  • Declining revenue due to the slow economy
  • High labor costs
  • Rising Health Care spending
  • High income and real estate taxes
  • Incompetent administration
  • Extravagant spending
  • Permanent disability
  • High medical bills
  • Divorce
  • Lost of job or income
  • Other large unexpected expenses

A competent bankruptcy lawyer or law firm will:

  • Evaluate your assets, debts, creditors, and other financial issues.
  • Stop Lawsuits, Garnishments, Foreclosures, Repossessions, and Creditor Harassment.
  • Review your bankruptcy petition for accuracy.
  • Determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is more appropriate in your case.
  • Provide you with a unique solution for your financial situation.
  • File your bankruptcy petition at the right time.
  • Attend court hearings with you.
  • Help you keep your wages, home, car, and other property.
  • Help restore your peace of mind and show you the road to a fresh new life.
Understanding the new bankruptcy laws is crucial for a smooth bankruptcy filling and to avoid the risk of having your case dismissed by the court.

Bankruptcy Attorneys specialize in ending:

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Car Repossessions
  • Creditor Harassment Phone Calls
  • Judgments, Liens and Lawsuits
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Judgments, Liens and Lawsuits
  • Tax Debts

New Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law FirmsIn October of 2005, the United States bankruptcy laws changed. It is now much more difficult to file on your own without the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. The United States Bankruptcy Code and skillful bankruptcy lawyers are the only things your debtors and credit card companies fear. Do not risk your future by filing incorrectly, the consequences of a failed bankruptcy can be disastrous.

If you or someone you know is facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. They can help who is financially ruined and in debt to protect their assets and assist in the organization of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Once considered a last resort by a person who is unable to pay his or her debts in full, bankruptcy has evolved into an accepted method of resolving serious financial problems.

"You should not feel any shame for considering taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws. In today's economy, many people from all walks of life are in the same economic situation."

“Money does not solve money problems.” - Dr. Phil McGraw (Author and Host of the Dr. Phil Show on NBC television.)



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Bankruptcy Lawyers
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