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In order to practice law in the State, New York Lawyers must be members of the State Bar.

The New York State Bar Association is the official statewide organization of the legal profession. It represents practitioners in specialized areas of law, as well as affiliated, law-related organizations and groups with special interests or needs.

With more than 72,000 members, the NYSBA is the nation's largest voluntary statewide association of practicing attorneys, judges, law teachers, and many non-practicing lawyers who are business executives, government officials and court administrators.

Formed in Albany on November 21, 1876 and, one year later, by legislative act, was written into the state constitution as part of Chapter 210.

State Bar positions play an influential role in determining public and social policy in state and national forums.

The NYSBA serves as the voice of the legal practitioner in New York State. It governs the ethical practice of lawyers and make the justice system work better for all New Yorkers.

NYSBA is chartered as a private, nonprofit corporation.

New York State Bar Association
1 Elk Street
Albany, NY 12207
PH: (518) 463-3200
FX: (518) 487-5517

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