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In Colorado, bar association membership is voluntary, but Colorado lawyers practicing in the State must be licensed through the Colorado State Supreme Court.

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Established in 1953, the Colorado Bar Association "CBA" functions exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, helping educate the general public and provide assistance to the State's legal institutions.

Attorney SearchNot all licensed attorneys in the state of Colorado are members of the Colorado Bar Association. In Colorado, bar association membership is voluntary, but attorneys practicing in Colorado must be licensed through the Colorado State Supreme Court.

Attorney Legal ServicesThe Colorado Judicial Branch joins the Legislative and Executive branches to form the government for the State of Colorado. The Judicial Branch is charged with two responsibilities: resolving disputes and supervising offenders on probation.

US AttorneysThe Branch includes the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals, and district and county courts, served by 262 justices and judges in 22 judicial districts across the state (excluding 17 Denver county court judges). Municipal courts are not part of the state system. There are also seven water courts, one in each of the major river basins.

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